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What Is AntiGravity Skate?
AntiGravity Skate is the newest member of the AntiGravity X family, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

AntiGravity is a group of volunteers who firmly believe in and advocate a lifestyle free of alcohol, tobacco, and other addictive drugs. All AntiGravity volunteers have written their own pledges (see below) to be drug, alcohol and tobacco free.

Athletes on a quest for speed, height and extreme adventure will get their fix and adrenaline rush with a little help from the AntiGravity volunteers.

Imagine a complete skate park coming to a location near you. That’s the ground-breaking new concept behind AntiGravity Skate, a Connecticut-based traveling skate park complete with safe and sturdy steel half pipes, ramps, obstacles and rails.

Town-to-town, volunteers tour New England in a massive diesel truck packed with a portable skateboard and BMX street course equipment along with the world’s largest truck-mounted, steel half pipe. Volunteers unload and mount ramps and obstacles in minutes, organizing and hosting popular sporting events free of charge to anyone in the local community.

Each AntiGravity Skate event provides a healthy athletic outlet for young and old alike within a safe, chaperoned environment. Please view our extensive skate/BMX event photo galleries or check out the skate/BMX tour schedule to see when the truck is scheduled to stop by a town near you.

AntiGravity X Family:
AntiGravity MX: A Christian Motocross Ministry
AntiGravity Skate: A Christian Skate Ministry
AntiGravity Surf: A Christian Surf Ministry

New to AntiGravity Skate

1. World's Largest Truck-Mounted Half Pipe!

2. Portable Street Course For Skate/BMX!

Liability Waiver
All particpants MUST complete a Liability Waiver. If under 18, you MUST have a parent or legal guardian present to complete the Liability Waiver.

We Care About Your Safety
All participants MUST wear an approved skateboarding/bmx helmet with it's chinstrap securely fastened at all times while on any of the AntiGravity Skate equipment. Knee and elbow pads are highly recommended.
Pledges From Our Volunteers
I hereby pledge to the world that I am and will remain drug, alcohol, tobacco and energy drink free. I am also striving to be free of caffeine and soda.

I want to be an example to everyone I meet, young and old alike, that itís possible to abstain from chemicals that alter the mind and body.

If I want to get high, Iíll choose a skateboard, a bmx bike, a dirt bike or a snowmobile to do so.

I pledge to be alcohol-, tobacco- and drug-free because I donít need to get my fix from worldly substances; for I get it from my Father in Heaven. He is all that I need. He sustains me.


As a member of the AntiGravity team, I pledge to be alcohol-, tobacco- and drug-free. I live a lifestyle that neither includes nor condones the use of these addictive substances.

I don't need anything in the natural to create a high for me. My father in Heaven gives me everything I need. My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is the source of my inspiration, my breath and my life. I proclaim His name as my Creator, the Keeper of my Faith, and Almighty God. I have dedicated my life to Him. I believe that His death on the cross was the birth of my salvation. I thank Him for His sacrifice and seek to be used for His Kingdom.

I promise to uphold all truths of Godís Word and will proclaim that He is King for all of my days. Praise Him!



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AntiGravity is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and operates solely on contributions from people like you. All donations are tax deductible. Please give by clicking the image above!


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